Visit the digital applications of Vikelaia Municipal Library to discover its rich cultural archive, travel to the historical photographic archive of Behaeddin via augmented reality and complete the hidden treasure game in a 360ο environment to win special gifts.

Interactive educational Treasure hunt game focusing on the historical archives of the Municipal Library

Discover the cultural and historical riches of Vikelaia Municipal Library through a fascinating treasure hunt game. Walk through the digitized 360o environment of the Library, locate and solve the riddles to win a gift.

Interactive audiovisual application using augmented reality technologies

Postcards come to life with the assistance of augmented reality technologies and take us to Heraklion of another era. When carts were passing in front of Loggia and men in breeches were circulating in the heart of the city, while Eleftherias square, a huge vacant lot bounded by low buildings, does not look at all like it does today.

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The Vikelaia Library audiovisual treasures